2018 Conference

Living and Dying

St John's College, Durham
7-9 September 2018


Black Lives Matter UK - BBC website

Keynote Speakers

  • Jeffrey Bishop, Saint Louis University: 'Ageing and the Technological Imaginary: Living and Dying in the Age of Perpetual Innovation'
  • Susanna Snyder, Ripon College Cuddesdon/University of Oxford: 'Washing Wounded Feet-Pedetic Textures of a Theo-Ethical Response to Migration'
  • Anthony Reddie, University of South Africa/Wesley House, Cambridge University: 'Do Black Lives Matter in Post-Brexit Britain?'
  • Cathriona Russell, Trinity College Dublin: 'Care, coercion and personhood at the end of life'
  • Kathryn Mannix, palliative care pioneer:  'Forgotten Wisdom: rediscovering the art of dying well'

Short Paper Presentations

  • David Clough, Killing Animals: ‘Human’ and Non-Human                   
  • Stewart ClemBiological Death and Death of the Human Person: A Thomistic Analysis
  • Manitza Kotze, A Life with Limits: A Christian Ethical Investigation of Radically Prolonging Human Lifespans
  • Margaret Adam, Better Off Dead? Purposeless Death and Bodily Resurrection
  • Ashley John Moyse, Hugging Death, Anticipating Suicide: Vulnerability to Despair and a Marcelian Response to Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Travis PickellGentle Space-Making: Christian Silent Prayer, Mindfulness, and Kenotic Identity Formation
  • Helen DawesLiving in Time: A Provocative Response to a Theology of Moments
  • Michael Mawson, ‘Do Not Forsake Me When My Strength is Failing’: Insights from Disability Theology for Attending to Ageing
  • Jana Bennett, A Disabled Body is a Dead Body: Views from Osler, Foucault and Gregory of Nyssa
  • George Walters-SleyonMass Incarceration and Death in US/UK Prisons: A Theological Situation             
  • Roger AbbottLiving and Dying with Natural Disaster: Dignity, Myth and Poverty                                                                                                     
  • Cosimo Manni, The Christian ‘Inconveniens’ of Virtue Ethics
  • Joel Pierce, Rights and Virtue: Parallels and Complimentarity Between Two Often Opposing Approaches
  • Fabian Grassl, In the Face of Death: The Role of ‘Borderline Situation’ in the Ethics of Helmut Thielicke     
  • Jennifer Leigh, Dying to Self for the Sake of Common Life: Political Agency in the Light of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics of Responsibility                                   
  • Tobias Winright, The Use and Abuse of ‘Bearing One’s Cross’ in Christian Bioethics
  • Autumn RidenourSabbath Rest as Vocation: Aging toward Death
  • Sebastian Muders, Human Dignity and the Value of Life
  • Jordan Redding, Crying out for Life in the Midst of Death: Eduard Thurneysen and the Ethical Question, 1913-1920