2017 SSCE Conference

Christian Ethics and Hope

Westcott House, Cambridge
8-10 September 2017


Keynote Speakers

  • Valerie Cooper, Associate Professor of Religion and Society and Black Church Studies, Duke Divinity School: 'Hoping Against Hope: Hope After Charlottesville'
  • David P. Gushee, SCE president and Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University: 'Hope and the Kingdom: Do Christians Still Believe in the Kingdom of God? Should We?'
  • Michael Northcott, Professor of Ethics, University of Edinburgh: 'Moral Arc of History and the Ambiguity of Hope in the Anthropocene'
  • Elizabeth Philips, Tutor in Theology and Ethics, Westcott House, Cambridge University: 'Narrating Catastrophe, Cultivating Hope: Apocalyptic Practices and Theological Virtue'.
  • After dinner address: Janet Martin Soskice, Professor of Philosophical Theology, Cambridge University.

Short Paper Presentations

  • Mike MawsonHope in this Life? Barth and Bonhoeffer on Finitude and Death
  • Margaret AdamPassing Hope: The Long, Slow Decline to Death
  • Michael Morelli, Forms of Hope - Paul Virilio and the Aesthetics of Disappearance
  • Samuel Tranter, On Hope in Action: Augustinians, Thomists, and Barthians in Conversation
  • Andrew Millie, Criminal Justice, Christian ethics and hope
  • Louise Prideaux, Hope for Equal Rights: A Neo-Calvinist Argument from the "Fourth Terrain"
  • Sarah Stewart-Kroeker, Hope in the Time of Climate Change: Augustine and the Temporal Imagination
  • Richard Bourne, Hope Amid Catastrophe: Two Rival Versions of Apocalyptic Political Ontology
  • Medi Volpe, Liberation Theology and Intellectual Disability: What Dare We Hope?
  • Mike Laffin: Spheres, Mandates, and Estates: Re-thinking Creation and Revelation in Protestant Social Ethics
  • Greg Marcar: Hope, love, and theological anthropology: Or, how "love hopes all things" in Soren Kierkegaard's Christian ethics
  • David Elliot, Eschatological Hope and the Earthly City: In What Sense Might Christians Be "of" the World?
  • Mark Dawson, Fair Trade and the Kingdom of God: living in hope of a fair future
  • Helen Dawes, Timeless, placeless, friendless? - The implicit moral anthropology of competitive household energy markets
  • Edward Brooks, Augustine's Enchiridion: Why so little hope?
  • John Berkman, The Hopeful Hominid: Passionate and Virtuous Social Practices in Niche Construction
  • Emilio Di Somma, Faith as "reasonable expecation", Hope as "moral legitimization'
  • Neil Arner, Hope for Unity Despite Divisions in the Church and World
  • Andrew Errington, Hope and Moral Deliberation
  • Stuart Jesson, Anger and Forgiveness; Futility and Hope